Here Is What To Expect At Advance 360° iNTERACTIVE 2021

We've packed all 3 days with incredible content, coaching, and connection just for you!

June 10th -12th 2021

Get Ready To Build Your Platform In Just 3-Days!

Whether you have no following, a small following, or are ready to scale, the Advance 360° iNTERACTIVE 3-day event is the place to be!

Day One Sessions

Session 1 - Platform State Of The Union Address! Set your foundation up right with a clear picture of where platforms are going in the next year and how you can take advantage of the massive shifts taking place right now!

Session 2 - Clarity Formula Blueprint In session 2 we're giving you the clarity you need to build your platform the right way. Most people skip this step and it costs them. In Session two you will walk away knowing more about your audience, message, business structure, and marketing direction than ever before!

Session 3 - How To Communicate For Conversion! The greatest weapon you have is your ability to communicate your message and ideas clearly and effectively. By the end of session 3 you will be able to communicate the right way and drive your ideal clients to take action. From social media to emails, and even on platforms - nothing will hold you and your message back!

Session 4 - If you have a message, an idea, and a dream, but nothing to sell - session 4 is for you! We're going to help you craft your perfect product suite so you will have people clammering to work with you and purchase your offers!

VIP IN-PERSON TICKET ONLY - For our VIP In-Person Ticket Holders there is an off-site VIP member experience to cap off Day 1 with a bang!

Day Two Sessions

Session 5 - Build Your Perfect Product Suite. Take the frustration, time, and headache out of developing your complete offer and product suite. Be able to have the right product for the right clients from high ticket to low ticket. Inside session 5 you will get everything you need to have a full product suite you can feel proud of!

Session 6 - Own your platform! In session six we are deep-diving into how you can build a platform stage you own, control, and create an audience for. When you have a platform others come to, speak from, and trust it's a game changer! We will walk you through each step so you can become the go-to platform in your niche!

Session 7 - The Ultimate Sales & Marketing Formula Your business runs off of effective sales and marketing. But, if you don't know how to create effective marketing that leads to exponential sales you're going to get left behind. We will show you how to generate ROI positive sales and marketing plans that work and make your life 10X easier and more profitable

Session 8 - Student Success Panel Experience the true stories from people just like you who were sitting in your seat just one year ago today, but have now seen amazing successes thanks to the information and implementation guidance through Advance 360° iNTERACTIVE. This powerful session features real life students sharing their real world insites for growing your platform. This is the in the trenches stuff you won't find anywhere else.

​VIP Bonus Session - Watch The Speak Off Finals LIVE, In-Person! Our VIP In-Person Ticket holders will get the chance to watch the Speak-Off finals LIVE in person. Catch all the drama, stories, and live reaction to incredible speakers laying it all on the line when they speak LIVE on the Advance 360° iNTERACTIVE Stage!

Day Three Sessions

Session 9 - Fitting It All Together! In our final session, we are going to put all of pieces together form the work we did throughout Advance 360° iNTERACTIVE.

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Here Is What To Expect At Advance 360° iNTERACTIVE 2021

We've packed all 3 days with incredible content, coaching, and connection just for you!

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